… a young designer brand slowly being explored by well informed stylish trendsetters. With seasonal collections Viniga brings you drool worthy apparel in classic structures made from only the finest attainable yarns possible.

In 2016, Viniga opened its first ever Retail Boutique.  Based in Hong Kong, this fashion brand is slowly expanding in a steady and promising pace.

Passionate, technically attuned and creatively driven, Designer Brigitte Da Silva is focused on keeping VINIGA on point each season with Lux quality and breathtaking silhouettes, refined tailoring that is crafted to perfection.

Expect seasonal collections for the diverse trend connoisseurs, possessing a touch of eccentricity, these including bespoke and luxury couture pieces.

Mixing creativity with practicality, each collection is designed and crafted in the most eco aware means possible. Focusing on trend and quality in limited quantities.


…this is VINIGA




A fashion design graduate, with a profound desire to explore the fashion world, started out as a youngling frequenting her parents clothing-manufacturing plant based in Cape Town South Africa. To her this was a playground and the start of a life long journey in fashion.

Accessible to the Garment industry throughout her childhood, it was inevitable that young Brigitte’s future was predicted in the Fashion World. Post-Graduation Brigitte earned a considerable amount of experience working at her parents garment plant, whilst designing and constructing Couture Pieces for private clientele.

With Passion, Enthusiasm and Ambition, Brigitte soon attained a position in the commercial clothing sector as a Jnr Designer for one of Cape Towns leading Design Houses. Taking all she’s learnt, expending gained experiences that emanated with this profession, Brigitte soon excelled in various genres in the Clothing industry. From Haute Couture, high street to leisure and sportswear for both Men and Woman, she also had a hand in designing Children’s wear for South African national stores.

Seasoned South African Fashion Designer, with all this experience and resolve, Brigitte travelled the globe in search of more exciting ventures.

Inspired and compelled by her travels, Brigitte started her Fashion Brand in 2008. Based in Hong Kong and South Africa, determined to make her life long dream take flight, she creates seasonal collections for her luxury clothing brand VINIGA, insisting on maintaining its identity with designs inspired by outstanding personalities, signature monochrome color palettes, clean silhouettes complimented by impeccable luxe quality.

Separate to the exciting challenges of the Fashion Industry, Brigitte also frequents the music scene as a renowned Jazz Singer. Recording artist Brigitte (AKA) ‘Brigitte Mitchell’ launched her 3rd Jazz Album “Lets call it Love” March2016 in Japan. With the success of her debut album titled “Don’t Explain”, she is also a music award nominated Jazz Artist, this confirming Brigitte shows passion and dedication in all she does.



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