“Style is classically eternal”

Brigitte Da Silva


VINIGA, a young fashion designer brand slowly being explored by well informed stylish trendsetters. With the Latest addition of Menswear, VINIGA brings you drool worthy apparel collections for all seasons. In addition, leather goods and personal accessory are currently being developed due to consumer demands.

This Hong Kong based fashion brand is slowly expanding in a steady and promising pace, with the launch of its first ever retail store in Hong Kong March 2016, Viniga is eager to expand to various retail platforms, making gateway for more consumers to indulge in the unique aesthetic of VINIGA.

With an extensive repertoire in the rag trade while being  passionate, technically attuned and creatively driven; Designer Brigitte Da Silva is focused on keeping VINIGA on point each season with Lux quality, breathtaking silhouettes with refined Tailoring that is crafted to perfection.

Expect seasonal capsules for diverse trend connoisseurs with a touch of eccentricity, these including Classic Luxury Couture and Made-to-Order pieces.

Mixing creativity with practicality, each collection is designed and crafted in the most eco aware means possible. Focusing on Trend and Quality with limited quantity.